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Pigmented Ink Giclee Prints on Canvas

All canvas prints are printed on Epson and Breathing Color canvas using Ultra Chrome archival inks for maximum stability and longevity. All canvas prints are sprayed with varnish to protect against humidity and UV light. Pricing is based on 2 inch border ratios.

With all the advantages which Giclee printmaking as to offer it is not surprising the the Giclee print is now widely acknowledged as the output medium of choice for fine art reproduction and is to be found in fine galleries and in the catalogs and museum shops world wide.

Cell: (443) 791-7322

Ordering Procedures

Ordering:   All orders are taken over the telephone or by email. All orders must be pre-paid by Check, Money Order, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover before order is processed. To order, please call: Prettyman Productions Inc., Cell (443) 791-7322 or

Pricing:   All prices established by the artist on Original and Giclee Limited Edition Transfers. Prices are subject to change without notice according to appreciation, availability, or as quantities decrease. Our pricing is based on a 2 inch white border ratio.

Shipping and Handling:   We shipping UPS or FedEx.

Payment methods, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover

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